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02 Sep 2015 01:51:01
Lakers signed 32 year old pg huertas
Trade Kelly sacre with future second or waive outright.
Sign Beasley and upshaw
Before beginning of season Frazier Holmes upshaw Anthony brown go to d leauge
PG Russell/huertas
SG clarkson/Williams/brown
SF Kobe/young/Beasley
PF bass/Randle/nance
C Hibbert/black

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01 Sep 2015 22:22:11
In a trade of nobody wants my garbage players:

Lakers get Pekovic

New York gets Swaggy P

Minnesota gets Calderon

I know people will think I'm being serious, but I'm not really. With that said, this would allow 3 teams to dump players they don't like or are overpaid. Maybe a change of scenery does everyone good?

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30 Aug 2015 21:55:58

Lakers acquire PJ Tucker

Suns acquire Nick Young, Evan Turner, Lakers 2nd rd pick & Jared Sullinger

Celtics acquire Markieff Morris

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30 Aug 2015 15:30:26
After season
Lakers trade Russell and Randle and 2016 second rounder
Kings trade cousins
I like Randle and I love Russell but cousins is a beast. Lakers get a star center who can attract free agents
Kings get a nice core group for the future with Russell mclemore gay Randle and wcs
Too little,too much, or just right value?

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01 Sep 2015 16:43:00
Give up on Cousins. He isn't coming to the Lakers via trade. Also I doubt he could attract quality free agents to come to LA. Liking or loving the potential of Randle & Russell like you said should be the top priority. Rebuild with potential not trade for a guy who hasn't made the playoffs and probably won't until he becomes a free agent and leaves on his terms.

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29 Aug 2015 00:12:28
Sixers get:
- Cameron Payne
- Dion Waiters
- Steve Novak

They get their young future point guard. They have 2 most likely top 10 picks and with Embiid and Saric joining them and with the young them they have I think they can make one expendable. Payne is an expierced college player like was Lillard.

Thunder get:
- Lakers 1st top 5 protected
- Jakeer Sampson

( Lakers keep if top 3, Sixers keep if 4-5, and thunder get 6 and up )

Thunder save about 10m and get a potential top 10 pick.

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29 Aug 2015 08:49:12
This is called lakers rumours not thunder or 76ers rumours.

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30 Aug 2015 12:51:23
uhmmmm that should really make the LAKERS BETTER?? LOL WOW

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28 Aug 2015 04:14:43
Lal - hou

Lal - c brewer

Hou - n young sacre r kelly

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27 Aug 2015 20:34:37
Lakers get Hibbert Lou-Will Kelly
Knicks get Lopez Calderon Early

Knicks need of Lou is equal Lakers need for Lopez. Hibbert is triangle type of center. Calderon value outside of the triangle. Russell and Clarkson are the future at PG. Calderon better mentor at PG than Lou-Will. Early > Kelly and that should even up the Calderon < Lou-Will. Lopez value to Lakers over Hibbert as far fitting might serve a better purpose keeping Lou-Will rather having Calderon as a mentor. Lou-Will is not facilitator nor pg who creates for others. Which is fine the triangle offense



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28 Aug 2015 18:11:10
Hibbert, Williams and Kelly are better overall players than Lopez, Calderon, and Early. Even though Calderon has some skills and can pass the ball Williams is a better fit for the Lakers than Calderon. Lakers big problem the last few season was defense. Hibbert can provide a better presence defensive side than Lopez. Hibbert won't need to be depended on offensive side of the ball with the Lakers than with the Pacers. With his focus on defense this season that is where the Lakers will put wins on the board. Hibbert is just a better fit. Hibbert is not a triangle type guy. He will get lost in it.

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27 Aug 2015 19:07:30

MIN get Roy Hibbert (exp)

Pg Rubio/Jones/Miller
Sg Martin/LaVine
Sf Wiggins/Muhammad
Pf Towns/Garnett/Bennett/Bjelica
Ce Hibbert/Payne

LAL get Gorgui Dieng, Nikola Pekovic & 2nd round pick 2016

Pg Russell/Brown/Frazier
Sg Clarkson/Williams
Sf Bryant/MWP(sign)/Brown
Pf Randle/Bass/Kelly
Ce Dieng/Pekovic/Black

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25 Aug 2015 15:44:58

LAKERS get Zach Randolph & TJ Warren

GRIZZLIES get Markieff Morris, Ryan Kelly, Nick Young & pick from SUNS

SUNS get Julius Randle

I don't know but

LAKERS do it to make one last push for Kobe, they lose Randle but get a potential future starting SF in TJ Warren in return and they get rid of Nick Young
-sign Metta World Peace

T.Warren/M.World Peace/A.Brown

GRIZZLIES get younger PF who can be their Stretch 4 for Marc Gasol also add some scoring off the bench


SUNS get their future PF


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25 Aug 2015 19:15:25
Grizzlies would laugh at that deal. Randolph was a key player in there success. Makes no sense for them. As far as the Lakers I rather have Randle than a disgruntle Randolph who would probably rather be on a winning team than a rebuilding team.

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25 Aug 2015 05:07:10
Lakers trade kelly and young
Grizzles trade carter and 2019 second rounder
Lakers sign metta world peace
Pg Russell/Williams
Sg clarkson/carter
SF Kobe/world peace/brown
PF bass/Randle/nance
C Hibbert/black/sacre
Kobe carter world peace retire on the same team

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23 Aug 2015 16:11:48
Sixers get Clarkson and Randal
Lakers get their own 1st round pick back, the Kings 1st round pick currently owned by the Sixers, and Okafor.

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23 Aug 2015 20:57:17
If the Lakers wanted Okafor they would have selected him with the second pick. Makes no sense to trade Clarkson and Randle basically just to acquire Okafor when it could have been done back in June.

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24 Aug 2015 14:57:49
stop posting the same thing with Clarkson its not happening

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22 Aug 2015 20:06:52
Sixers get Clarkson
Lakers get their own 1st round pick back AND the Kings 1s rounder pick currently owned by the Sixers.

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22 Aug 2015 13:46:09
Sixers get Clarkson
Lakers get back their own 1st rounder

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22 Aug 2015 01:31:08
76ers / Suns / Lakers

Sixers get: Jordan Clarkson

Lakers get: Markieff Morris, Denver's #2 2016

Sun's get: JGrant, OKC #1 next year.

Sixers get a good young pg.
Lakers get a proven Pf with more size then randle. Morris is a legit 17 and 7 threat every night, and is only 25. Plus Lakers get a high second rounder in the 31-35 range most likely.
Sun's get a high energy, young forward in Grant. Showed a lot of potential last year. And Sun's get a late first rounder in return for the unhappy Morris.

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20 Aug 2015 19:07:08
Not a likely scenario, but amuse me:

If Bulls fall apart this year with injuries & new head coach & Pelicans need a little more inside than Asik can offer and Clarkson improves this year on his 3pt shooting:

At the trade deadline

CHI: N Young, J Clarkson, '16 1st rd pick (via NOP protected 1-14) & '16 2nd rd pick (via LAL) creating a $10.3M TPE

NOP: R Hibbert

LAL: J Butler & O Asik

CHI gets a young, developing player to replace Butler, bench scoring & 2 picks in next year's draft to add to the 2 1st rounders they already have (SAC protected 1-10 & their own pick for a potential total of 3 1st rd picks next year).

NOP adds one of the best defending centers in the league who can add more offense than Asik giving them more scoring and the best defensive front court in the league with Hibbert & Davis. They can go deeper in the playoffs with this team.

LAL get solid starting center & Butler who is a terrific 2 way player. These acquisitions would help attract premier free agents next summer.
In summer of 2016, sign Durant to max deal (4 years $108M w/ player option on his 3rd year starting at $25M) and J Noah (3 years $45M starting at $15M). This puts them right at $90M in committed salary (renounce Kobe's cap hold). They still need a backup PG, maybe sign a veteran with the exception.

PG: Russell/FA
SG: Butler/Williams
SF: Durant/Brown/Holmes
PF: Randle/Bass/Nance
C: Noah/Asik/Upshaw

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21 Aug 2015 00:47:54
If you have the Lakers going after Noah and having him paid $15 million why would they need Asik as a backup for $10 to $12 million? You know Asik wants to start at center and Noah is a center as well. It just doesn't make sense.

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20 Aug 2015 09:02:59
Before season starts

Lal get DMC
Kings get Hibbert, kelly, young



Possible or Fanta nba?

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20 Aug 2015 05:11:44
Deal by around new year
Hibbert and 2017 second round pick
Celtics trade less favorable celtics or mavs pick
Celtics get their center to pair with Johnson lee and sully
Lakers get a pick
Then lakers trade Nick young
Mavs trade zaza pachulia

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18 Aug 2015 18:05:36
Maybe a deal at trade deadline:

NOP: R Hibbert

PG: Holiday
SG: Gordon
SF: Evans
PF: Davis
C: Hibbert

LAL: O Asik & '16 1st

PG: Russell
SG: Clarkson
SF: Kobe
PF: Randle
C: Asik

The defensive front court of Davis & Hibbert would be the best in the league. Also takes some pressure off of Davis on the defensive side and helps him stay healthy and frag for a playoff push.

Lakers take a solid serviceable center on a modest long-term contract and get a 1st rd pick (15-20 most likely) to further assist in their rebuild.

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18 Aug 2015 19:46:33
Dumb move. Hibbert is better than Asik. Asik was overpaid and all the Lakers would be doing is paying an expensive long term deal for below average play. The pick is not worth $60 million. Even if Hibbert leaves after this season the Lakers can come up with better for cheaper.

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18 Aug 2015 14:40:48
Lakers trade young and sacre
Mavs trade Felton and 2 second round picks
Idea from EU

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17 Aug 2015 23:42:53
Idea from EU
Raymond Felton and 2 second round picks
For Nick young and sacre

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17 Aug 2015 20:00:13
Tor - pho - cha - lal

Tor- M Morris

Pho- p Patterson

Cha- n going

Lal- M Williams

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17 Aug 2015 19:54:09

Lakers get: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Cavs get: Marvin Williams, Nick Young and Ryan Kelly

Hornets get: JR Smith, Joe Harris, James Jones, Robert Sacre

- Sign Norris Cole, Dorell Wright, and Robert Upshaw with cleared up cap space and Room Exception

PG: D'Angelo Russell / Lou Williams / Norris Cole
SG: Kobe Bryant / Jordan Clarkson / Jabari Brown
SF: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist / Dorell Wright / Anthony Brown
PF: Julius Randle / Brandon Bass / Larry Nance Jr.
C: Roy Hibbert / Tarik Black / Robert Upshaw

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17 Aug 2015 04:42:24

LAL get Evan Turner

BOS get Robert Sacre & 2018 1st rround pick

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17 Aug 2015 02:44:17
Lakers trade young bass future second
Cavs trade tpe 2nd round pick
Suns trade Morris

Lakers receive Morris
Cavs receive young
Suns receive bass cavs second lakers future second

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17 Aug 2015 01:53:56
Nick young for Devon Harris or Raymond Felton

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17 Aug 2015 01:53:25
Lakers trade young to cavs
Cavs trade tpe to heat and 2016 second to lakers
Heat trade chalmers to lakers
Heat then sign vet pg for vet minimum

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17 Aug 2015 01:22:52
Nick young for Vince carter
Kobe and carter retire together

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17 Aug 2015 01:22:31
Zaza pachulia for nick young

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17 Aug 2015 01:19:07
Lakers trade young sacre
Thunder trade Novak and 2016 second
Wizards trade Webster

Lakers receive Novak Webster thunder second round pick
Thunder receive sacre
Wizards young

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17 Aug 2015 01:07:48
Lakers trade nick young
Hornets trade Marvin Williams
Lakers get a small forward on an exprIng contract
Hornets save 1.5 mill and get scoring and get a capable sixth man playing shooting guard or small forward

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