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28 Apr 2015 10:23:39

Lakers get Terrence Ross

Raptors get Lance Stephenson and Jordan Hill

Hornets get st Amir Johnson and Nick Young + LA 2nd rd pick

- Lakers get a young starting SF
- Raptors add some toughness
- Hornets add a vet PF and a scorer

-sign Rajon Rondo, Kevin Love and Alexis Ajinca










28 Apr 2015 04:34:03

LAL get Trevor Ariza

HOU get Jeremy Lin and 27th pick







27 Apr 2015 23:15:20
Lakers - Kings

Lakers get Cousins
Kings get Hill, Young and draft pick Hou

Lakers sign Rondo (40mil/4 yr)
Deng (9 mil/ 2 yr)
Derrick Williams (4 mil/2 yr)
and resign Davis (7 mil/2 yr)

draft Russell

Rondo, Clarkson
Bryant, Russell
Deng, Williams
Randle, Black
Cousins, Davis





27 Apr 2015 20:39:15

LAL get: Paul George & Roy Hibbert
Sign: Rondo

pg. rondo
sg. kobe
sf. george
pf. randle
c. hibbert

IND get: LAL 2015 1st, Noah Vonleh, Jordan Clarkson, & Lance Stephenson

Draft: Justice Winslow & Willie Cauley-Stein

pg. clarkson
sg. stephenson
sf. winslow
pf. vonleh
c. wcs

CHA get: David West & Nick Young

Draft: Kelly Oubre

pg. kemba
sg. young
sf. mkg/oubre
pf. west
c. jefferson





27 Apr 2015 19:29:03
Lakers Offseason:

Get 4 pick

Draft Russell

Sign guys like Rondo for 6-8 mil for 2 years, Tobias Harris or khris Middleton for 8-10 mil a year and possibly Kevin Love. They get two out of those three

My lineup projection

Clarkson/ Russell/ fa
Kobe/ Russell/ young
Harris/ young/ fa
Love/ randle/ fa
LOVE/ randle



Love can't play c on his best day




27 Apr 2015 19:24:34
Sacre nick young and Kobe for durant








27 Apr 2015 11:10:30

trade Nick Young and Jordan Hill to Phoenix for PJ Tucker

Suns give way to TJ Warren


Lakers get a defensive wing

Lakers draft : 4th overall - D'Angelo Russell (would be Kobe's successor in the future as their prime SG)
27th pick draft Aaron Harrison

Lakers signings :

PF : LaMarcus Aldridge (4yr/72mil)
PG : Rajon Rondo (3yr/25mil)
CE : Ed Davis (3yr/15mil) - MLE
CE : Omer Asik (4yr/30mil)

Lakers would always want to b a contender and will have a line up like this

PG : R. Rondo / J. Clarkson / J. Brown
SG : K. Bryant / D. Russell / A. Harrison
SF : P. Tucker / R. Kelly / X. Henry
PF : L. Aldridge / J. Randle
CE : O. Asik / E. Davis / R. Sacre

- an experienced starting line-up and a bench full of young and energetic players



No space in the cap for this one!


PG: Rondo / Clarkson / Price
SG: Bryant / Aar.Harrison(27th) / Brown
SF: Winslow (4th / Young / Johnson
PF: Aldridge / Randle / Kelly
C: Davis / Black / Sacre
or switch davis and aldridge




27 Apr 2015 04:10:39


LA: Tiago

SA: 34ovr pick and 2 second round picks somewhere between 2016-2018





25 Apr 2015 23:35:47
Draft - D'Angalo Russell and Dakari Johnson with the two first round picks. (Johnson worked very well with Randle at Kentucky.)

Sign - Kevin Love - 15-17 Million (give him somewhat of a pay cut in first year and then with the salary cap rising make his $ amount rise in the future years.)

Sign - Wesley Matthews - 5-8 Million (With the injury his value is down and we should take advantage of that.)

Sign - Rajon Rondo - 5-8 Million, or however much is left. (With all the articles on Rondo's plan to go to the Lakers, I can see it happening. Plus Kobe wants him.)

PG - Rondo/Russell
SG - Kobe/Clarkson/Brown
SF - Matthews/Young
PF - Love/Randle/Black
C - Johnson/Davis

13th person could be a second round pick or one of the people the Lakers had brought up form the D-League towards the final games.



Upshot is better than Johnson




25 Apr 2015 20:24:03
Rondo on discount, Sign Kevin Love/ Alridgde

Karl Towns
Oubre Jr

Ed Davis, Black, Ellington

Hill, Young, Sacre for suns' Gerald green

Line up

PG: Rondo, Clarkson, Buyck
SG: Bryant, Elllignton, Brown
SF: Green, Randle, Oubre Jr
PF: Love, Davis, Kelley
C: Towns, Black, Upshaw

Randle will be a small Forward, before you critique you should watch videos of him in Lakers pre-season games.Also, he has lost some weight.


Dunno what pick we are meant to get oubre jnr with, he won't fall to our last two picks.

For the people who are in that trade, we could get a better player than green





25 Apr 2015 17:04:54
Sign Rondo and Jimmy Butler.

PG: Rondo/Clarkson/second round pick
SG: Kobe/Swaggy/Ellington
SF: Butler/Winslow/Johnson
PF: Black/Randle/Kelly
C: Hill/Davis/second round pick

Don't exercise Hill's option. Re-sign him and backload his contract.




25 Apr 2015 09:09:29
Of course everyone will say unbelievable but.LOL

Lakers turn things around


LAL offer 3 1st round picks including this year, Nick Young and Jordan Hill's team option for Kevin Durant

LAL then sign LaMarcus Aldridge and Rajon Rondo (small value)

Davis/Sacre/27th pick



Durant will be lucky to stay healthy for a full Season. His injury causes loss of athleticism, plus we want someone to play defense.


I'd play Aldridge as a center


If the Lakers' pick falls out of the top 5 it belongs to Philadelphia. Lakers traded the rights to that pick to Phoenix as a part of the Steve Nash trade and Phoenix traded it to Philly who gave up Michael Carter-Williams to get it. So it can't be traded.


If you end up with the 3rd to fifth pick in this draft then it's a no brainer draft Winslow if the Lakers get #1trade back for more picks Winslow is the guy of this draft


Hezonja is the best wing in the Draft




25 Apr 2015 09:06:54
sign: Rondo, Monroe, Danny Green/Wes Matthews
draft: Winslow, Upshaw

PG: Rondo / Clarkson / Buycks
SG: Kobe / Green pr Matthews / Brown
SF: Winslow / Young / Johnson
PF: Davis( low post Defense) / Randle(6th man), Kelly
C: Monroe / Black / Upshaw


Best centers in Draft
1- Towns
2- Stein
Best Point Guards in Draft
1- Mudlay
2- Russell
Best Wings in Draft
1- Hezonja
2- Winslow




25 Apr 2015 00:20:31
Lakers trade young for a future second and take no salary back
Draft caulley stein trade back if have to
Draft best player available with 27 and 34 pick
Sign Brandon knight 4yrs 50 mill
Khris Middleton 4 yrs 50 mill
Tristan Thompson 3 yrs 21
PG Knight/clarkson
SG Kobe/ Ellington/brown
SF Middleton/ VETERAN FA
PF Davis/randle/ Black
C Thompson/ caulley stein/ black



Tristan thompson is 6'9 too short to be a center


I would rather sign Robin Lopez, Omer Asik, Greg Monroe, Or even roy hibbert




25 Apr 2015 02:07:16
Trade Julius Randle, Jabari Brown, and Tarik Black for Orlando's pick of Justise Winslow

Trade Jordan Clarkson, Hou 1st, LAL 2nd, R. Kelly for
Nerlens Noel

Draft D'Angelo Russell

Sign Kevin Love MAX

D'Angelo Russell
Kobe Bryant
Justise Winslow
Kevin Love
Nerlens Noel



Why would justise be worth randle black and a pick he's not lebron he's a role player


Because Randle is unproven. It is to sweeten the deal to guarantee the trade goes through. Had I not thrown in those other guys along with Randle, some other clown would have criticized the post saying that just Randle isn't enough.


Yes Winslow is a role player and he would be playing a certain role on that team as a defensive stopper and may very well develop into an offensive force also like Kawhi. There must be a balance of offense and defense on the team which is why Nerlens and Justise are necessary while KLove and Russell would be offensive focal points. Not to mention, this team is attractive for someone like Durant to join and not miss a beat where he doesn't have to share the ball but also doesn't have to do everything himself.





24 Apr 2015 12:17:05

SAC get: Julius Randle & Lance Stephenson

CHA get: Nick Young

LAL get: Nik Stauskus & SAC 1st DP 2015



That is the worst trade I have ever heard of




23 Apr 2015 20:12:04

LAL get: Ty Lawson & Nikola Pekovic

Draft: Towns

pg. lawson
sg. kobe
sf. FA
pf. towns
c. pekovic

MIN get: Julius Randle

Draft: D'Angelo Russell

pg. russell
sg. wiggins
sf. muhammed
pf. randle
c. dieng

DEN get: Ricky Rubio & Nick Young

Draft: Justice Winslow

pg. rubio
sg. winslow
sf. young
pf. faried
c. nurkic



It feels like now that the Draft night is coming up, guys out here are getting excited but aren't thinking. These latest posts have been illogical.




23 Apr 2015 12:40:07

Orl get #4 pick, Nick Young and Jordan Hill

Lakers get Victor Oladipo and Channing Frye

Oladipo could be Lakers immediate successor

Oladipo/27th pick
Free Agent/Davis/Sacre





23 Apr 2015 12:34:44


Lal get Nerlens Noel and their pick next year back

Phi get Julius Randle and the 4th pick

Sixers select Russell and Winslow


Lakers then sign Kevin Love, Khris Middleton and Rajon Rondo

- Rondo's deal would not be that big






24 Apr 2015 04:09:31
Lakers fire Byron Scott, hire Scott Brooks

Draft D'Angelo Russell out of OSU

Sign Rajon Rondo to a two year deal, sign all other players to a one year deal

Lakers improve next year but miss the playoffs.

Summer of 2016: Kobe has retired and only Rondo, Nick Young, Julius Randle and D'Angelo Russell are under contract. Sign Kevin Durant to a max contract. Durant reunites with his OKC head coach and gets to play in a big market with young talent and cap space. Lakers sign all other players to a one year deal.

Lakers make the playoffs as a 7th seed

Summer of 2017: Rondo and all players signed to one year deals last offseason are free agents, the Lakers are again under the salary cap. Sign Russell Westbrook to a max contract. Westbrook played college basketball at UCLA and would be reunited with his OKC teammate and coach.

C: Free Agent
PF: Julius Randle
SF: Kevin Durant
SG: D'Angelo Russell
PG: Russell Westbrook

Could happen if the Lakers play their cards right.





23 Apr 2015 16:29:12
Rondo*, Clarkson**, Price
Kobe, Clarkson, Brown
Mario***, Wes, RHJ
Black****, Randle, Kelly
Brooke*****, Davis, Upshaw

*Rondo discounted due to recent issues
**Clarkson likely to see more mins backing up kobe
***Mario volume 3pt guy with solid D(3 inches taller than Winslow)
****Randle shouldn't start right away to keep pressure low
*****3 yr contract with team option
Possible 6-8 seed team with realistic acquisitions and not handicaping future




22 Apr 2015 22:23:24
Bucks and Lakers
Lakers Trade Nick Young
Bucks Trade Giannis Antetokoumpo and Projected 17th Pick



Y the hell would the Bucks do that? Wtf ahaha



The lakers would have to throw in their first pick to pull that off, still might be a long shot.



Bucks are dumb but they aren't that dumb.




23 Apr 2015 03:11:33
-Draft D'Angelo Russell

-Trade Jordan Clarkson, Houston's 1st, LAL's 2nd, Jabari Brown, Ryan Kelly for Nerlens Noel

-Sign Tobias Harris for MAX

-Do NOT pick up Jordan Hill's team option

-Resign Ed Davis for $8-9 million

-Get rid of Nick Young in any sort of way that doesn't take back salary

D'Angelo Russell
Kobe Bryant
Tobias Harris
Julius Randle
Nerlens Noel



May I say dumb! Nerlens Noel is not worth more than Clarkson, and certainly not with added picks.
Draft a defensive minded center with the top five pick. Kepp Clarkson, Randle, Black, Brown and get back Davis.
Get one well cosen max player later in the summer.


Horibble starting line up




22 Apr 2015 15:37:15
Lakers offseason
Trade young sacre Kelly and 27 pick to dump salary
Draft Russell and draft Robert upshaw
Now have about 35 mill
Sign rondo 2 yrs 12 mill not worth more than 8 mill per year now. Sign khris Middleton 14 mill and sign love for 16 mill sign Asik for mid level
PG rondo/ clarkson
SG Kobe/Russell
SF Middleton/ Johnson
PF Love/ randle
C Asik/black



Soooooo wrong.



Sup lakes be good


J. McGee-Davis-Draft pick

Trade Swaggy and second round pick to Philly for Hollis Thompson.






22 Apr 2015 11:42:03
Draft: D'Angelo Russell with are fourth round lottery pick
& draft : J.R. Hunter, with are 27th first rounder that the rockets gave to us & put him at small forward.

Jordan Clarkson, & Julius randle are clogging up the lane already, we don't need anymore guys with broken jumpers.

We have are aggressive slasher, & bulldozer already. Now we need "smart" shooters.

Get rid of nick young, Wesley Johnson, Ryan Kelly, jordan hill 9million, Carlos, J lin, ball hog Wayne Ellington, can't shoot Ronni, basically everyone besides

Black, Jabari, & resign ed Davis,

Point guard : Jordan Clarkson, Jabari brown
Point guard: Kobe Bryant, D'Angelo Russell
small forward: free agent, J.R Hunter
Power forward Julius randle, black
Center: free Agent, ed Davis, second round pick

Basically sign a small forward, & center, & we are going to be play off bound.
Know I don't know how far we can get but in a couple years I bet this line up will be a championship team.


Switch R.J. with Kobe so Kobe is small forward


See, the only problem with that is, Kobe Bryant wasn't going to play more than 20 minutes a game. Which means Russell is still getting a lot of playing time to develop. If you put r.j hunter there instead of kobe, than it wouldn't work, you'll be basically stopping both their growth, .
That's why I said sign an FA small forward. so r.j could learn the ropes a little before we just toss him into the starting line up. I'm telling y'all his stroke is pure. If he workout with Kobe Bryant. You're going to see a new player


Lakers rule never give up.


R.J. is a shooting guard/point guard not a small


Yeah I know, but julius is a power forward, Ryan Kelly is a power forward, jordan hill is a power forward, Kevin love is a power forward? Should I go on about guys playing out of their position?. I don't care what position you play, if you got a stroke like curry, & long arms for defense. Play whatever you want. Sometimes you just got to stop worrying about height & just play the game. The sun's ran a 3 point guard system. So you're telling me a develop Clarkson, Russell, r.j, & Julius wouldn't be scary?




22 Apr 2015 10:03:04
sign Kevin Love Max
sign Marc Gasol Max

draft Justise Winslow

trade Young and Hill to Hornets for Cody Zeller


2017 Westbrook coming






22 Apr 2015 08:56:34
sign: Butler, Kanter

Draft: Mudiay/Russel 4th pick
Upshaw Rockets Pick

PG: Mudiay/Russell, Clarkson, Price/Buycks
SG: Kobe, Brown, FA
SF: Butler, Young, FA
PF: Randle, Davis, Kelly
C: Kanter, Black, Upshaw




22 Apr 2015 05:46:15
lakers and portland sign and trade lakers get aldridge portland get randle young hill





21 Apr 2015 21:30:16
----- Lakers get: OJ Mayo

- Justice Winslow
- Robert Upshaw

Sign Brook Lopez, Rajon Rondo, then

SnT Marco Bellineli for Jabari Brown and Ryan Kelly

Rondo / Clarkson / Buyucks
Belinelli / Mayo
Kobe / Winslow
Davis / Randle / Black
Lopez / Upshaw

------- Magic get: Mason Plumlee, Nick young, and 34th pick

- RJ Hunter

Trade Nikola Vucevic, Aaron Gordon, Evan Fournier, and #6 pick to Sacremento for Demarcus Cousins

Payton / Ridnour
Oldiapo / Young / Hunter
Harris / Marble / Harkless
Frye / OQuinn
Cousins / Plumlee / Dedmon

Bucks get: Andrew Nicholson and 51st pick
- Frank Kaminsky
- Aaron Harrison

Bucks send Frank Kaminsky, Ersan Illysova, Zaza Pachulia to Hornets for SnT Al Jefferson and Lance Stephenson

Carter-Williams / Bayless
Middleton / Stephenson
Giannis / Dudley / Harkless
Parker / Nicholson
Jefferson / Henson


Lakers are said to be strong in FA but IMO will miss out on Love, Aldridge, and Gasol. Rondo is said to be a lock, I think they will come to terms on a actual decent contract around 2-3 years on 10-12m. The remaining 14m will go to Brook Lopez as he may be the best available center. Him and Ed Davis compliment each other. Kobe moves to SF and they add a 3 point threat in Bellinelli. A team Rondo can work with. Mayo, Clarkson, Winslow, Randle, and Black bring in energy young legs off the bench. In 2016 Kobe and Mayo free up about 35m in Cap to throw at Durant, resign Clarkson, and spend a bit on role players.

Magic biggest need is shooting and scoring. Nick Young comes in to be a solid bench scorer. They pick up an early 2nd. They also trade for Cousins who will be the franchise guy. He can grow with the likes of Payton, Oldiapo, and Harris. This team seems a lot more potential to start winning than the Kings are. The Kings will have 2 top 7 picks with the young guys of Aaron Gordon, Nikola Vucevic, Evan Fournier, Ben McClemore, Nik Stauskas, and CJ McCallum

First thing is to make sure you lock up Khris Middleton. They will get Jabari back but they still lack that low post threat. I like this trade to get Jefferson. They take on Stephenson but he goes back to the bench as a defensive spark. Bucks are a great defensive team and he fits there. Getting rid of Mayo ensures the flexibility to do so. The Bobcats will have a top 10 pick then get Krank Kamunsky.





21 Apr 2015 10:59:32
LAL-POR sign and trade

LAL get LaMarcus Aldridge

POR get Julius Randle and Jordan Hill

LAL trade #4 pick and Nick Young to Charlotte for #9 and Kemba Walker

Lakers draft WCS
Lakers sign Demarre Carroll


Walker / Clarkson
Bryant / Ellington
Carroll / Henry / 27th
Aldridge / Davis / Kelly
Cauley-Stein / Black / Sacre





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