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01 Sep 2014 19:54:43
Lakers get Rajon Rondo

Celtics get Julius Randle and Steve Nash







01 Sep 2014 12:52:18
Gsw get:Jordan hill plus cash and Houston's 1st pick
Lakers get: H. Barnes

trexxm johnn




01 Sep 2014 12:21:05
Utah gets: j. hill plus cash 2nd rd pick 2015 from Lakers
Lakers get: gobert




01 Sep 2014 12:17:04
GSW gets sacre and 2015 1st rd pick of rockets
LAL gets H. Barnes




01 Sep 2014 12:13:15
Pacers get Nick Young, Henry
Lakers gets 2015 pacers 1st round pick not protected




01 Sep 2014 03:43:50

Lal get: Bledsoe (s&t)

Bos get: Steve Nash (exp), Len, & 2015 1st LAL

Phx get: Rajon Rondo, Gerald Wallace, & 2015 1st HOU (lal)



I like that but in my opinion
it'd be best to send nash back to phoenix bledsoe to boston and rondo to LA



No way I'd give up Nash, Lin, and 2 first round picks for Bledsoe.

LAL gets Bledsoe & Gerald Green
While giving up Nash, Lin and first rounder and 2nd rounder (maybe).

Unless the Lakers get a great deal we are better off trying to get Bledsoe or Rondo in the off-season. I'd roll with Lin this season unless we got a deal we couldn't pass on.




01 Sep 2014 00:56:25

lakers get;rondo faverani

celtics gets;randle nash johnson





31 Aug 2014 16:01:41
Lakers - Rondo and Jeff Green

Celtics - Lin, Nash, Kelly and Houston's 1st round pick


Supposedly Rondo is on the market. But I'd be just as happy with the roster we have, and waiting to rebuild slowly.




30 Aug 2014 15:19:27
Lakers mcgee

Nuggets hill Houston 2nd round dp





29 Aug 2014 14:06:34

MIL get Greg Monroe , Kyle Singler , Jonas Jerebko exp , 1st round pick from LAL
-they get Greg Monroe who will be their prime big man for their young squad to go along with Henson and could be the 1-2 punch partner of Parker, they also get Singler who could be a serviceable player of the bench + the 1st


DET get Giannis Antetokounmpo , Jordan Hill
-they included Singler because Monroe has an expiring deal plus they get their staring SF in a very athletic Giannis also get the solid back-up big for Drummond and Smith


LAL get Larry Sanders
- they get the C that will fit the LA system and will be their rim protector that their bigs




Great trade I like it alot




29 Aug 2014 06:31:48
29 Aug 2014 03:31:22
Jeremy lin, Toney Douglas/ MALCOLM LEE
Kobe Bryant. Jordan Clarkson
Michael Beasley. Nick young
Julius randle. Ed Davis
Jordan hill. Daniel orton

Jordan & randle will pound the paint & collect all the rebounds, they just go good together period, &
Ed & Daniel can be our own Lob City, & the defensive present they're bring is going to be crazy for coming off the bench.

I'm praying that Kobe can change Michael
& take him under his wing, instead of Wesley inconsistent Johnson, & shape him into the player we all know he can be.

Nick young & Jordan Clarkson? Can y'all say the lighting brothers? Quick triggers? Fast past lol. let's see who going to stop them xD

& the list goes on.
Trade these players for draft picks
C. Boozer
W. Johnson
R. Kelly
N. Nash
R. Sacre
X. Henry

I'm thinking with a health kobe, & side kick young

& the fact we have young point guards
& hustling big man,

The fact they all have sometime to prove we can upset a lot of people, & if they play hard enough come out on top.

Y'all think kevin Durant droped out because of paul injure?
Naw, he droped out can he remembers the last time they under estimated the lakers & Jodie ended up scoring 40 on them. He traing hard just like kobe Bryant now, that is the real reason he droped out.




28 Aug 2014 11:34:13
Pistons - Lakers

Pistons get: Jordan Hill, Houston's first round pick, future first rounder

Lakers get: Monroe, Martin, Singler

Pistons sign Stiemsma

Depth Charts



Monroe doesn't want to be with Pistons. Whether this summer or next summer he will be out of Detroit. Trading him is a good idea to have something rather than anything. Hill is a promising player and he will be a better fit with Drummond. He is not as good as Monroe but he is a good replacement as Monroe is leaving. Two first rounders are also a good rebuilding factor without going have to be a bad team. Singler and Cartier are two players in fulled up SF position of Pistons, which is empty for Lakers. Both teams are potential play-off teams now.





27 Aug 2014 03:25:58
LAL get J Smith & W Bynum

DET get S Nash, J Randle, & R Sacre

LAL get a borderline all star PF and updates their defense, helps them contend now instead of waiting for Randle to develop. Gets rid of Nash's contract since he basically can't play anymore. Smith provides athleticism and versatility and Bynum provides depth at the guard position.

PG: Lin/Clarkson/Bynum
SG: Kobe/Young
SF: Johnson/Henry
PF: Smith/Boozer/Kelly
C: Hill/Davis

DET gets rid of Smith's bad long term contract for Nash's expiring one and the #7 pick this year as insurance against Monroe leaving next summer and a serviceable young backup center. With Drummond at center, Randle's defense won't be exploited early on and he can contribute quickly.

PG: Jennings/Augustine/Nash(cut or use stretch provision)
SG: KCP/Meeks
SF: Butler/Singler
PF: Monroe/Randle/Mitchell
C: Drummond/Sacre





26 Aug 2014 19:38:43

LAL get:
J Smith

DET get:
S Nash
J Randle

LAL get a versatile veteran PF who's been a fringe all star player in the past. Helps them contend this year and next while Kobe is still here. Immediate upgrade defensively and he can move back to PF pos which suits him better or he can play SF at times and gives the Laker's versatility.

PG: Lin/Clarkson
SG: Kibe/Young
SF: Johnson/Henry
PF: Smith/Boozer/Kelly
C: Hill/Davis/Sacre

DET gets out of Smith's contract long term. Monroe seems to be content playing out this last year and becoming a UFA next summer. DET basically swaps Smith an takes on Nash's expiring deal (use stretch provision if they wish) along with Randle who was a lottery pick this year. This gives them a very promising young PF to slide into Monroes's spot next year if he indeed decides to leave. With Drummond playing alongside Randle, it will help hide his defensive deficiencies.

PG: Jennings/Augustine/Bynum
SG: KCP/Meeks
SF: Butler/Singler
PF: Monroe/Randle
C: Drummond/?





26 Aug 2014 15:19:48
If Lakers do bad this season

Lakers 2015

Monroe 4y 55m

Gay 4y 40m

Lin Clarkson
Kobe young
Gay Johnson
Randle boozer
Monroe Davis





25 Aug 2014 22:12:55

Bucks get Jordan Hill,1st round pick 2015 via Rockets,1st round pick 2017

Lakers get Larry Sanders,Carlos Delfino


Lakers must compete with Kobe still on the team,they need a center to play alongside him





25 Aug 2014 18:48:20
Bucks/ Lakers

Sanders & Knight
Lin, Nash, Randle, 2015 1st (rockets)

Bucks take on 15 million of ending deals and can finally move Henson to C

Greek Freak

Kobe is able to work with Sanders where he has the chance to be another Center in laker history


succeed and proceed


The cavs are interested in HIbbert, Sanders and Okafor





24 Aug 2014 10:18:28
Pg: Rajon Rondo, Jeremy lin
Sg: Kobe Bryant, Nick young
SF: Harrison Barnes, Jordan Clarkson
Pf: Greg Monroe, Julius randle
C: Roy Hibbert, Jordan hill

Steve Nash, & rockets first round pick for Rajon Rondo, the Celtics are rebuilding.
So they'll get an expiring contract & a future first round pick, plus they already have a point guard (Marcus smarts)

Trade, Xavier Henry, & ed Davis for Roy Hilbert.
The Pacers need a big man who can score, & defend, an a shooting guard that can actually play, and we need a defensive big man that can block anything in the paint.

Trade, Ryan Kelly & boozer for Greg Monroe,
Greg Monroe doesn't want to be their, so why not get a future star or get roll player, & a proven vet for him?

Trade Houston second round pick, & Wesley Johnson
For Harrison Barnes, they get a future pick, & an expiring contract. For a guy they don't even use. & you can even put Robert Sacre in their to sweeten the deal, considering that they need a guy who can bang down low, & shoot the 15ftr consistently, yes. I'm saying Robert scare is a great big man, he just haven't got any playing time to show us what he can actually do.
And of course I know the lakers won't do this, cause our GM is dumb, the head office is dumb, and what the hell Kobe Bryant is thinking?
You can't mentor Wesley Johnson inconsistent ass, he's delusional, thinking he can play the 4.
Yes he can give you great nights sometimes, but that's all he'll ever be. He is ment for coming off the bench trade Wesley Johnson.

& please I want somebody on here to tell me this won't work, cause it will, the only thing i'm thinking about is can boozer even be traded since we got him from that thing?

All i'm saying is, clippers got lob city

Cleveland got LeBron James, kevin love, Kyrie

Heat got wade, & chris bosh

Bulls got gasol, Noah, & d rose,

Wovles got, Andrew Wiggins, ricky Rubio, Anthony Bennett, zach Levine, and some

76Ers got embid, & 2 great point guards

Rockets got james, & dwight.

Are y'all getting the point now?

If we don't do something fast. We are going to get kobe hurt &be just like last year


Totally agree with you!



Lakers won't make no trade, Jim buss does not want Kobe get his 6.




23 Aug 2014 12:51:16

Lakers get Tiago Splitter , Ersan Ilyasova

Spurs get Larry Sanders , Wesley Johnson

Bucks get Steve Nash , Lakers' 1st round pick , Jordan Hill , Spurs 1st round pick





22 Aug 2014 06:37:18
Pg: Eric Bledsoe. Jeremy lin

Sg: Kobe Bryant. Jordan Clarkson

SF: Harrison Barnes. Nick young

Pf: Greg Monroe. Julius randle

C: Roy Hibbert, Jordan hill


Xavier Henry

Ed Davis

Steve nash


Ryan kelly

Our first & second round picks

Carlos boozer

& let's get it done asap lol

Kobe needs to win asap




22 Aug 2014 06:18:56
Eric Bledsoe, Jeremy lin
Kobe Bryant, Jordan Clarkson
Xavier Henry, Nick young
Ed Davis, Julius randle
greg monroe, Jordan hill

1 first round pick from the rockets
1 second round pick from the rockets
& Wesly Johnson expiring contract
For Greg Moran in a sign & trade deal.
They get 2 players for the future & an expiring contract, why not? Greg moran going to leave them anyways, might as well get something for him.

Ryan Kelly
Steve Nash
For Eric Bledsoe

You get a great roll player, & you get an expiring contract
& your star back.

Plus eric doesn't even wanna sign with the suns.




21 Aug 2014 11:38:19

LAL: Josh Smith, T. Hansbrough
DET: L. Fields, J. Randle + Lakers 1s pick (from Houston)
TOR: Steve Nash





21 Aug 2014 04:49:26
Lakers - 76ers

Lakers get
J Embiid

76ers get
J Randle
J Clarkson
2015 1st round pick (via Rockets)
2016 2nd round pick via Lakers



In this case lakers would have to give up to much for Twittidd
we should at least keep Randle





20 Aug 2014 20:26:10

Lakers get Smith and Jennings

Pistons get Lin and Hill



Wait, josh smith and jennings for lin and jordan hill. ? Is this a joke - cause it doesn't check out financially?





20 Aug 2014 12:30:52

BRK get Nash , Sacre and 2 2nd round picks


LAL get Garnett




Why would the Lakers want to spent 2 draft choice for a guy that will be retire soon?




20 Aug 2014 12:20:57

Grizzlies get Kevin Martin , 2nd round pick from LAL


Twolves get Tayshaun Prince , 1st round pick from Memphis , Ryan Kelly

save money and get 1 more young piece

Rubio - Barea - Shved
Lavine - Muhammad - Robinson III
Wiggins - Budinger - Hummell
Young - Kelly - Mbah Moute
Pekovic - Dieng - Turiaf

Lakers get Corey Brewer

Lin - Nash - Clarkson
Bryant - Young - Henry
Brewer - Johnson
Boozer - Randle
Hill - Davis - Sacre





20 Aug 2014 08:18:43
Lakers - 76ers

Lakers get
J Embiid

76ers get
J Randle
J Clarkson
2015 1st round pick (via Rockets)
2016 2nd round pick (via Lakers)

Lakers get Embiid for next season. Randle might not play much behind Boozer, Davis, Hill, and Kelly all getting minutes at the 4.
76ers get more future assets, this is also assuming Bennett from Cleveland plays the 3.





19 Aug 2014 00:06:49
Lakers get Rajon Rondo and Joel Anthony (exp)

Celtics get Jeremy Lin and Julius Randle

Pf. J. Randle/ B. Bass/ V. Faveroni
sf. J. Green/ E. Turner/ G. Wallace
c. J. Sullenger/ K. Olynick/ T. Zeller
sg. A. Bradley/ M. Thornton/ J. Young
Pg. M. Smart/ J. Lin/ P. Pressey

Pf. C. Boozer/ E. Davis/ R. Kelly
Sf. N. Young/ W. Johnson
C. J. Hill/ R. Sacre/ J. Anthony
Sg. K. Bryant/ X. Henry
Pg. R. Rondo/ S. Nash/ J. Clarkson



This would make it a playoff team but will there be enough ball to go around?


Wors trade




18 Aug 2014 14:19:30

MIN get 1st round pick from Houston , Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre , 2nd round pick

LAL get Nikola Pekovic and JJ Barea

Lin - Nash - Barea
Bryant - Clarkson - Henry
Johnson - Young
Boozer - Randle
Pekovic - Hill

Minnesota is rebuilding , Lakers need to compete



Rebuilding does not means collecting trasks (Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre, 2nd round pick) - They are ok player but not starters. Why would they trade know goods for unknown?




18 Aug 2014 14:17:39
Lakers get David West
- Lakers get a mentor to Randle and would be a very big help to them

then sign Emeka Okafor

J. Lin / S. Nash / J. Clarkson
K. Bryant / J. Clarkson
W. Johnson / N. Young
D. West / J. Randle / R. Kelly
E. Okafor / J. Hill / R. Sacre

Pacers get Carlos Boozer , Xavier Henry and 1st round pick 2015 via Houston , 2nd round pick
- Pacers can tank if they want , then when PG returns , they could get a new and younger team around him with draft picks and go for some big time acquisition

2015 Pacers

- sign Paul Milsap
- sign Monta Ellis
- select a good PG and PF from draft

draft / G. Hill / R. Stuckey
M. Ellis / C. Miles
P. George / X. Henry / S. Hill
P. Milsap / pick / D. Rudez
R. Hibbert / I. Mahinmi





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